Dr. Mol went out of his way to reconstruct my nose after an accident that had left my nose a pulpy mess. Dr. Mol spend many hours meticulously removing splinters from my sinuses (which means that to this day I don’t suffer from sinus problems or headaches) and even went as far as pulling photographs from the internet before my arrival at the emergency room in order to have an idea of what I had looked like before the accident. He managed to get my nose almost identical to its original form in only two operations and I am left today with no scaring, a miracle in itself considering the damage from the accident. Dr. Mol also consulted numerous other specialists regarding the rest of my facial trauma – once again, something he wasn’t obligated to do. 
In my line of work, a pleasing appearance is quite important and thanks to Dr. Mol I can still work in the entertainment industry as a TV and Film actress. 
Not only is Dr. Mol a perfectionist at his job, but his bedside manner and positive attitude helped me through a very difficult and emotional time. I will always be grateful for ending up in the gifted hands of this talented doctor and wonderful human being. 

Corine du Toit

Nasal reconstruction patient

After my nose was crushed in a terrible accident 2 years ago, and after being told by a “top” class plastic surgeon that he wont realy be able to reconstruct my nose I gave up. I was struggling to breath not to mention constantly self concious about my apearance…I had completely removed myself from social gatherings, and could not even attend gym due to the fact that I could not breath well.

I found out about Dr. Mol by chance and then decided to get a second opinion and get on with my life. I knew my chances were half chance. Yes or No and I as willing to accept my fait…but still I needed to know….

I met Dr. Mol and within the first 5 minutes of our meeting he excitedly told me that in no time I would have my nose back…

It all happened exactly 2 years after my initial accident and I am sure that it is nothing but a miracle. It’s been 2 weeks and I can breath, no more catching spiders in my sleep…and even though it was not mentioned or expected, I can smell, and taste again…I have my life back…

I look the world in the eyes again!

Dr. Mol is surely a hero in his own right but for me there is no doubt. I am now positive that God has sent angels down to help us…Dr. Mol is surely one of them.


Nasal reconstruction patient

Dear Dr.Duane Mol,

I would just like to extend a word of gratitude to yourself in the professional manner that you have helped me regain my hearing in both ears. No words can describe the pleasure of hearing again!!
Thank you for the advice regarding surgery that has resulted in my hearing returning and no need to use hearing aids as advised by another doctor.

It has been quite a journey throughout these 18 months but as they say it is more than worthwhile and that is all thanks to you.

I will always remember your helpfulness and friendliness. 
May God bless you and your dedicated practice going forward!!!

Most impressed and satisfied patient.

May you and your family have a blessed Christmas and prosperous New Year.

Kind Regards



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