Testimonials: Ear Surgery

Good Morning Denise , Dr Mol, and Team,

I wanted to express my absolute pleasure and joy at having been introduced to yourselves and to Dr Duane Mol., through Dr Neil Scott.

Over many years I have had numerous operations and medical procedures, and as a golfer and classic car dealer I am acquainted with many Doctors and specialists, but your practice is beyond special , kind, caring, skilled, proffessional and in my belief an absolute gift from heaven for those that are fortunate enough to be exposed to all of you.

I would like to thank Dr Mol personally for making the whole experience of an operation such that I had, the mental comfort that it was for me.

In addition, the experience at the Netcare Union Hospital from every person and staff member encountered was a true pleasure, with everyone of pleasant and caring manner, so utterly different to the many other Hospitals and Clinics I have spent time at.

Sincere thanks and Congratulations to all at your practice and to Netcare Union Hospital. You are all extremely special people.

Kind regards,



Dear Dr Moll

What an amazing experience being your patient for the past year.

It all started when I had an operation in my left ear 2 years ago at another practice. After the operation I could hear better for a day, after which the hearing diminished again. It was a failed attempt. I had to wear earpieces to be able to hear again and to support me in my line of work. This was not a long-term solution for me and I had to find another solution. I was listening to the radio one morning, on my way to work, when your name came up and a discussion regarding the “Hear for Life Foundation”. At that stage I thought to myself, I have to go see this doctor. But alas, time went by and situations caused me not to be able to get to that point to actually make an appointment. Last Year(2015), it all began. I was fed-up of struggling to hear and my wife reminded me of DR Moll. I went on to Google and searched for “DR Moll” and found his website. I made an appointment and from there I had both my ears done. Now (2016) I can once again live life confidently and communicate with ease.

I want to thank you for giving back the gift I gradually lost over the past 10 years, and that is to be able to hear again.

You are blessed with an amazing talent, and that is to turn the darkest of emotions into something beautiful. You have a spontaneous personality that makes one feel at ease when in your midst.
I remember the time my wife wanted to faint after seeing the dvd you made of the procedure, you comforted her and made sure she was better before we left. Very few people, if any, these days would have done what you did.
You have wonderful staff, that made sure that all procedures were understood. They also came and visited on the day of admission. This was also a first for me. Never before have I experienced this kind hearted act. On top of this, your friendly staff brought me a "Get Well" gift.

To any person reading this, I would strongly recommend Dr Moll and his team. They are very professional and humble. The best I came across in my life.

Once again, thank you all very much and be blessed.




Dear Dr.Duane Mol,

I would just like to extend a word of gratitude to yourself in the professional manner that you have helped me regain my hearing in both ears. No words can describe the pleasure of hearing again!!
Thank you for the advice regarding surgery that has resulted in my hearing returning and no need to use hearing aids as advised by another doctor.

It has been quite a journey throughout these 18 months but as they say it is more than worthwhile and that is all thanks to you.

I will always remember your helpfulness and friendliness.
May God bless you and your dedicated practice going forward!!!

Most impressed and satisfied patient.

May you and your family have a blessed Christmas and prosperous New Year.

Kind Regards



Dear Dr Mol and team

I would like to thank you for a very reassuring web page, I had a stapendectomy on fri in Oxford uk and when I came round I could hear beautifully, then the next day after a nights sleep i could not hear at all, My surgeon was unavailable and another consultant and doctor seemed as confused as i am, Your site is the first to suggest things might get worse due to bleeding etc before they get better.  i am still a little anxious but much less worried.

So Thank you enormously




Dear Duane,

Forgive me for addressing you by your Christian name, but you are, indeed, a very dear friend to Ethne and myself.  We cannot really express how very much we appreciate your kindness and generosity.  I cannot think of a more appropriate expression of our love and thanks to you, than that blessing that God gave through Moses and Aaron & his sons to the children if Israel, recorded in (Num 6:24-26)  "The LORD bless you and keep you;  the LORD make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace." '

Once again, many thanks,

Yours gratefully,

Paul & Ethne


Dear Dr Mol and team

Writing this note to you with utmost appreciation and admiration for the highly successfully operation you did on little miss Cara. Words cannot express the relief on hearing the good news that our little one’s left ear is healing perfectly; and that her hearing ability has returned to normal within 6 weeks of removing the horrendous tumour/growth.

We appreciate your honesty from day one in explaining to us the procedure and the risks upfront. Thank you for encouraging us to hope and belief that anything is possible despite the circumstances.

Thank you, thank you ,thank you for taking care of Cara the way you did.  You have God-given talent to heal. You call it magic – we call it a miracle. J

God bless.


Riana & Tommy


A  big thanks

I just want to say thank you to Dr D Mol for the operation that gave me back my hearing in my left ear.

It all started about 4 month ago when my wife basically dragged me to a hearing test because she was fed up with me not hearing and this caused fight after fight.

When I had the hearing done the specialist told me that she thinks is repairable, I asked her to give me the name of a good ENT and she was a bit reluctant to single out a specific doctor but after I asked the question “Where will you take your children” she said “Dr Mol”, so of I went not expecting much, coming from a noisy production factory environment over the last 20 years I expected to end up with a hearing aid.

At my first consultation I was blown away with the amount of info I received from the doctor normally one have to beg for info and by the time you arrive for a procedure you still don`t know what is really going to happen, not so with Dr Mol he gave me too much info if that is possible and I could tell that this man is very passionate about what he does.

At my post op visit to Dr Mol was fully confident that it was a great success, but I was worried because for 10 days now there was no sound from the ear. He removed a big plug and the first words I said is “Doctor you are very noisy”. He did some tests and showed me a DVD that was taken of the operation and what exactly was done.

Today nearly 4 month later I want to say Thank you Dr Mol for giving me back my hearing
One does not know how bad your hearing really is till you get it back , the whole world came alive again and it is truly amazing how noisy our planet really is.

The only problem now is that I cannot blame my hearing any more when I am ignoring the wife.

Many thanks

Good day.

I would just like to thank Dr Mol and Staff for everything they did yesterday for my son Morne.  On our way home, the first thing he did was hugged his teddy that you gave him and said: Teddy, (for the first time!! )

This morning he also said:  Pappa, (for the first time!!)  Amazing what impact their ears have. 

So Morne is doing so much better and so is mommy.  Hopefully he will greet you all in sentences when he goes for his 6 week check up. 


Dear Dr DUANE,







Dr Mol

Thank you so much for seeing us on Wednesday, without an appointment, nogal. Thank you for answering our questions, which we considered to be extremely troublesome. Thank you for being so caring. Ttruly you have restored our faith in the medical profession

Margaret and Ray