Testimonials: Cochlear Implant and BAHA


Dr Mol,

The words THANK YOU will never really be able to show and tell the appreciation we feel with your help towards helping our little boy.

It’s because of people like you that he can hear and start hearing all the wonderful sounds life has to offer him including the sweet sound of his mommy and daddy’s voices.






Geagte Dokter,

Graag vertel ek van my ondervinding om ander mense aan te moedig om ook die tipe van operasie  mee te maak sou dit vir hulle kan werk.

Ek het die gebruik van my gehoor +-15 jaar terug  verloor – ek het oorapparaatjies  gekry en moes daar mee leef – niemand het ooit vir my op enige stadium vertel dat ek ‘n operasie kon kry nie – 15 jaar later was die moontlikheid aan my genoem – ek is byna 55 jaar oud – en het eintlik nie werklik gedink die operasie sou ‘n verskil maak nie, maar dit was absoluut ongelooflik!
Na die eerste operasie was my hele wêreld omgekeer!
Ek kon hoor! Die eerste verandering was in die  nag!  – ek is 35 jaar getroud en skielik het ek ‘n snorkie in my bed!

Die naggeluide was die ergste! – ek het werklik gesukkel om aan my eie man gewoond te raak  - toe ons getroud is het die man nie so gesnork nie – en wraggies nou saag hy dik balke!
Die eerste stort was skrikwekkend die water se geplas was orals! – dit was heerlik om dit te hoor!
Volgende was die see.....my mens dit was absoluut ongelooflik om langs die strand te loop en die see te hoor raas, ek kon ook vir die eerste keer weer daai lekker zizille  geluid hoor as ‘n steak omgedraai word op die vuur.

Na die 2de operasie was my ore “nog erger” selfs die gedruip van ‘n kraan ‘n kamer verder kon ek hoor!

Die beste was my vermoë om weer die ghitaar op te kon tel en te kon sing!...ek wou dit nie doen met die gehoorapparaat  nie, want ek het  geweet ek is nie heeltemal op “pitch” nie, maar nou sing ek die wêreld lekker warm hoor!

Die ooroperasie het my lewe verander – dit is werklik ongelooflik om enige tyd te kan hoor  - ek kan ook nou weer in die see gaan en dit geniet – dit is lewensveranderend!

Ek is dankbaar vir dit – en sal dit vir enige mense aanbeveel. Mag God al die eer kry vir my herstel.

Liefde Groete,
Rita Pieterse


Goeiemiddag Dr Mol

Hiermee wil ek net baie, baie dankie se vir u aandeel in my kogleere inplanting.  Dit gaan so goed met my, al is dit nog net 'n week vandat die inplanting aangeskakel is.  Ek kon Vrydag 'n telefoon hoor lui in 'n kantoor langs myne; gistermiddag het ons as gesin gaan stap en ek kon die klokkie van 'n roomys-verkoper hoor.  Dit is absoluut ongelooflik!  My vrou kan nie glo wat ek nou hoor en hoe sleg my gehoor werklik was nie.  Ons het so lank gebid vir 'n wonderwerk en nou kan ek dit leef.

Weereens baie dankie, u diens was puik!

Vriendelike groete
Jaco en gesin


Hi Duane,

It’s only the second day after the switch on and my hearing is dramatically restored.  The fact that it will still progress to optimal effect over the next 3 months is amazing to me.

Thank you for your expertise and your patience over my initial trepidation.  Your exposure of the implant process and your reassurance were instrumental in my ultimate decision to go ahead with the procedure.

You are welcome to use me and my Paget’s condition as a testimonial or even to introduce me personally to anyone posing such a request . 

All good wishes to you in your practice.

Kind regards,



Good afternoon all you lovely specimens

Dr Mol, THANK YOU you are a SUPER my BELOVED husband can hear again

God bless you all abundantly

Bye for now


There are so many ways the BAHA has given me back my life and I’d like to share them with you.

  • No longer do I withdraw from conversation with more than one person.
  • Social isolation is no longer a problem
  • I now feel confident in meetings with colleagues, when I go shopping, dining in restaurants with family and friends or at social gatherings
  • I am able to confidently collaborate and no longer have to ask, “ I’m sorry could you please repeat that?”
  • I no longer have to lip-read, which made me so tired and often causes embarrassment to people
  • I no longer have problems with background noise
  • I know where ‘here’ is when calling someone in the house, yard, classroom, etc
  • I can find my mobile when it rings
  • I never get a fright when someone comes up behind me on the wrong side
  • I never miss a whisper on my deaf side because they are actually talking into the microphone
  • Being able to hear everything when a passenger in the car speaks, with the radio on and windows open, traffic
  • Being able to hear emergency vehicle sirens, horns or the screeching of brakes before they are on my tail, and the direction they are coming from
  • I won’t be so upset when someone really raises their voice to me in frustration because I can’t hear them
  • Never having to swap sides when walking next to someone who’s talking to me
  • Being able to go for a walk and hear a pushbike or jogger come from behind
  • Never having to do a head rotation to hear someone that I can’t move around, which made me dizzy
  • Being able to cross the road without watching where I am stepping and looking and hearing at the same time and staying balanced
  • Never having the TV or radio volume loud (the family is thrilled to bits)
  • Missing parts of my favourite TV program when someone is talking in the room
  • Never become frustrated with anyone again because I can’t hear
  • My balance has improved
  • Someone always wants something when you’re on the phone, and I could never hear them as my good ear was in use. Now I can hear them, but don’t want to, so I just adjust the volume to the ‘off’ position and motion to them to wait
  • Hearing my husband over the table when out for dinner and hearing the waitress, shop assistants and the general public in noisy places

I look forward to helping others who are considering having a BAHA implant. Funny enough, I now look forward to a little peace and quiet occasionally so I simply remove my processor and enjoy silence, for the first time in nine years. I still enjoy sleeping with my ‘good’ ear to the pillow, my BAHA safely tucked away in its dry store and I hear nothing whatsoever, no dogs barking, sirens, cars etc, it’s fabulous.

Finally my experience has been sensational and I know many people who feel the same. I am a very positive and outgoing person who relishes the good things in life with much optimism. I can’t promise that it will be as wonderful for you as we all have different causes of deafness, but the sooner you become ‘switched on’ the better it will be because statistics show that the longer you wait the less benefit you will get. I can only hope and pray that you are as fortunate as I am.


Dear Dr Mol

It has been an absolute pleasure putting Solene's hands in your Good Care. We will continue to pray for her good recovery and an excellent outcome.

Sincerely we say THANK YOU. We are somewhat happy to know that you understand how much and how highly we appreciate what you have done here for our little girl Solene. You gave her a new life through enhanced hearing.

We will continue to be grateful and again wish to say THANKS and stay in touch.

Let us know if Solene may require any check up within 6months or more.

Emile, Marthe


Dear Dr Mol

Words cannot describe what I am feeling today! So how do I tell you what you have done for us over the past couple of months? How do I thank you?

You have changed our lives forever!

What a wonderful day was it not for Hanre and all of us when his cochlear was switched on for the first time (17 January 2007) and he could hear! The tears that followed as a result of fear and shock of hearing for the first time, was just absolutely amazing! My child can hear and this is all because of the miracles that both you and Dr Hockman performed. God has given you the talent to do this for my child and many others and I praise Him. I also thank God for leading us to you in a time that we did not know who else to turn to, you were really God sent.

Well I suppose I could go on and on, but in a nutshell, thank you, thank you, thank you! You will forever stay in our hearts and prayers.

Lots and lots of love,
Hanre, Carla and Wessie



My name is Sandra. I am 37 years old and married. I was born deaf as my mom had had German measles when she was pregnant with me. I’ve used hearing aids all my life but since 2008 I got tinnitus and this worsened my hearing which made it extremely difficult to hear in quiet environments. It drove me mad at times. I tried Biofeedback which helped big time. I then met Dr Mol who introduced me to the concept of Cochlear implant. I was against it at first but then one of the Directors at my company motivated me saying “What do you have to lose? You’ll never know until you try.” That changed my thinking.

I was implanted on 11 January 2011. I remember coming out of theatre, shaking like a leaf and feeling extremely cold. They had to put 4 blankets on me to keep me warm. As I became more alert and aware and the anaesthetic was wearing off, I became quite chatty to my husband. First thing I asked for was my phone. . I then started emailing everyone and responding to SMS’s advising everyone that I was awake, ok and not in pain at all. I also wanted to see what I looked like – as I didn’t have a mirror with me. I took a couple pictures with my cell phone I even sent the picture to my colleagues. Now I think I must’ve been on a high as I look terrible in that photo.

I wear glasses so I had to use the one side only, as the one ear was bandaged off (I’ve since changed to a softer pair so that it doesn’t hurt behind the ear) It was quite difficult to wash my hair as I had to keep the bandage dry. A week later we removed the stitches but I was still without sound – I was using a hearing aid in my right ear but it was not as effective as my left ear because I hadn’t used that ear at all.

I went back to work but it was really difficult as I was hearing so badly and I think because of the stress, I was making mistakes with lip reading as well.

I was switched on, on 1 February 2011. I was quite excited about the box of goodies I received and about the whole thing. It’s quite overwhelming because you get quite a bit of information about the mapping, the device, and care of it and what is used when etc. I panicked as I first could only hear beeps for about 3 minutes when she was talking. After that, I could hear her voice. My sister and cousin attended with me and their voices sounded sooo different. That same day we went for breakfast and it was a bit much as I wasn’t used to that. Thereafter back at the office, I still wasn’t able to hear everything and started feeling a bit disappointed. I was warned that this will take a bit of time and patience. My colleagues were curious and eager to see this big parcel I had with me. I explained this is everything to do with the cochlear. As time went on and we continued mapping, my hearing improved. I can listen without having to look at the person all the time. Little sounds were terrifying at first – popcorn being made, frying bacon, raindrops on the roof of my car. I can hear the neighbour’s dog in the next street now, and the church bell a block away from my house. The big shock for me was realising how BAD my hearing had gotten. I could hardly hear the hustle and bustle of sounds in an open plan office – I always had to walk to talk to someone over or vice versa. Now I have to tune out not to listen to other people’s conversations. Since June 2011 I’ve removed the call divert from my landline and cell phone. I now sort out banking queries, work related queries over the phone. There are times that I may battle but this is where a person generally has a soft voice or an accent that I can’t follow. Watching TV is also easier now and don’t need the subtitles anymore.

In conclusion, I’d recommend this to anyone needing a CI but it takes time, patience, effort and perseverance. It’s amazing what technology can do today. And to this date I haven’t had pain. I’m considering doing the second ear but due to lack of funds, will see how it goes.