Patients Info: After Surgery Care: Tympanoplasty

                                                                                                                          UPDATED SEPT 2010



  1. Avoid vigorously blowing your nose for one month following surgery.  If you sneeze do so with your mouth open.  Do not hold your nose to avoid sneezing.
  2. Scrub your hands with soap and water before treating the ear.
  3. A small cotton ball moistened with ear drops may be used to clean the outer ear as often as necessary for cleanliness and comfort.  Do not use oil or water.
  4. Water should be kept out of the ear canal until after review and permission is given to treat the ear normally.
  5. The hair may be shampooed two weeks after surgery, providing water is not allowed to enter the ear canal.  This is avoided by placing a cotton ball in the ear and applying Vaseline over the cotton ball to form a seal.
  6. If ear drops are to be instilled, position the head with the affected ear up during the instillation and remain in this position for 5 to 10 minutes.
  7. The ear should be exposed to air as much as possible.  A cotton ball can be placed in the ear canal during the day while combing the hair, during exposure to a dusty atmosphere and may be placed in the ear canal during the night to prevent drainage on the pillow.  At first the drainage may be reddish-brown in colour but this usually becomes clear within a week or two.  If drainage increases call Dr. Mol.
  8. If antibiotics are prescribed please fill the prescription promptly and take as directed until supply is finished.
  9. If any of the following occur contact Dr. Mol on 011 869 6269 / 011 869 6288:

a.  Bleeding
b.  Persistent fever
c.  Purulent drainage (pus)
d.  Redness around the suture line
e.  Persistent pain
    10.   It is important to return for your scheduled appointments.
11.   Do not sleep on the side of the operated ear for one week.
12.   Avoid undue fatigue or exposure to colds or upper respiratory infections.
13.   Avoid heavy lifting or straining for three weeks after surgery.

We wish you a speedy recovery!

If there is any problems or questions please feel free to contact Dr. Mol at:
011 869 6869 / 011 869 6288

Thank You