Patients Info: After Surgery Care: Stapedectomy

                                                                                           UPDATED SEPT 2010



  • Patient must be calm and restful at home for 2-3 weeks after operation and must not lift or move any heavy objects or furniture, etc.
  • Do not participate in sport activity for 2-3 weeks.
  • Avoid wetting your ear when washing your hair.  Plug ear opening with cotton wool plugs smeared with Vaseline.
  • Do not try to pop your ears or blow your nose for the first three weeks of the healing period.  If you sneeze, try to keep your mouth open.
  • There will be some unsteadiness and giddiness for the first few days.
  • If you experience any nausea or dizziness contact Dr. Mol.
  • You must not fly in an aircraft for at least 4-6 weeks after the operation.(This varies so check with Dr. Mol).
  • Don’t remove gauze- plug from your ear canal.  Your doctor will remove it after one week. 
  • Loss of taste can occur after ear surgery and should recover within 3 months.
  • Avoid contact with persons having colds or flu.
  • Follow-up visit as requested by Dr. Mol at roughly 6 weeks is very important.

  Improvement may occur at the time of surgery, but hearing will subsequently be       
blocked due to swelling and blood in the middle ear.  Improvement in hearing may  
be noticeable within three weeks of surgery.  Maximum hearing is usually not  
optained for a few months after surgery.  At first the ear may be hypersensitive to loud
sounds and hearing may be distorted, but this usually improves in a few months.  In  
most patients, the ear heals well, and the hearing improves as expected.  Sometimes   
the hearing improvement is only partial or temporary.  In some of these cases the ear 
may be re-operated on with a good chance of success.

  We wish you a speedy recovery!

  If there is any problems or questions please feel free to contact Dr. Mol at:
(011) 869 6269 or (011) 869 6288

Thank you